The Forward – Nathaniel Popper | Fri. Oct 27, 2006

(Reprinted in Jewish Digest, 2007)


Der Spiegel 16th April, 2007, Marion Kraske


Budapest’s Jewish Quarter Under Threat,1518,478207,00.html

By Marion Kraske in Budapest, 2007.04.19.

In Budapest’s historic Jewish quarter, a café owner is fighting an uphill battle to protect the area against the encroaching property developers. But with international investment funds flocking to the quarter to make a killing, how long can the traditional character of the area survive?


L.A. Times: Young Hungarian Jews embracing identity – 4th December 2007 by Tracy Wilkinson,1,1266208.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Jerusalem Report

Revival in Budapest – 18th June 2008 by Andrew Prinz.

Extract can be read at:


Wall Street Journal (Europe) –about Jewstock


JTA 8th December 2008 (by Patricia Margit)


In Hungarian:

Magyar Narancs




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