Project name:

Quarter7Quarter8 Festival

Project description:

The Quarter7quarter8 festival during Chanukkah and Pesach

The project started in 2006 when MAROM volunteers realized that the historical Jewish district of Budapest is in danger. Thanks to gentrification and the lack of careful city-management, the traces of traditional Jewish life were steadily vanishing from the neighborhood. MAROM decided to fight back by establishing the Quarter6Quarter7 festival. Over the eight days of Chanukkah, a network of over 30 local museums, bars, cafes, bookstores, clubs, and other neighborhood spots hosted cultural and educational programs, as well as civil forums. Since then we added a spring edition during Pesach, and organized the festival yearly. The aim was to raise awareness about the district, to give audiences access to art and culture that addresses Jewish culture past and present, and to strengthen the ties between the “actors” of the district. When MAROM moved to the 8th district in 2014, the festival rebranded itself to Quarter7Quarter8 Festival. The 8th district also has a rich and interesting Jewish local history, and it is a socially underprivileged area, where MAROM aims to carry out social and art projects in the next years.